The Pixies Are Back…Without a Deal


I often find it hard to figure out just what qualifies as “nerd music” – except They Might be Giants, which I think everybody knows is the kind of thing that would make Ogre yell out his signature battle cry. But when I think of anybody I consider to be a nerd, they pretty much all own at least one Pixies album, even if they only know them as the band that does that song from the end of Fight Club (which has been recycled in numerous movies and shows since).

Now they’re back with a new video…but without Kim Deal. It’s a loss I would have expected to sound more noticeable, although perhaps the fact that the verses are relatively discordant and only the chorus is melodic can be attributed to her absence. The backing vocals are a great impersonation of her, however.

As for the video – apart from its final twist, it looks a lot like what I might have considered “performance art” back in college. As such, it’s perfect. Watch after the jump.

You can download the song here.

source: HitFix