Ready for a New Rambo Video Game?


Ready or not, here it comes anyway. Developer Teyon have released two trailers – one that’s a montage of clips from the first three movies (the fourth, which plays the most like a video game, is inexplicably absent), and a second that’s made up of disappointing digital recreations of same. It’s like they’re proud of how much they messed up their photo-realism.

Am I the only one who was hoping the game would be based on the toy line from the ’80s? General Warhawk, Dr. Hyde and the obligatory Arabic desert warrior and spiritual Native American dudes need their day in the sun, again. Also: endless montages where you have to hit the buttons just right to gear up properly, and spring-action weapons. Let’s face it, it would be about as “realistic” as most of the Rambo movies already aren’t.

Perhaps that’s the point with these two trailers. Watch both after the jump and see if you can tell what they were thinking.

And can I get a Commando game next, please? Because I always fight for love.

h/t SlyDante