SDCC2013: NECA Reveals New Predator, Star Trek, Diablo, Marvel, Alien, Hello Kitty

Though many companies save their big reveals for later in the show, there were a few good ones preview night, including NECA.

Hello Kitty is an unusual license for them, but they might as well try something new. There’ll be 7″ figures with cloth costumes, and blanks that can be colored and customized.


This is an exciting tease – Jones the cat as sneak peek for an Alien line based on the first film. I’m hoping that even if they haven’t achieved the impossible dream of getting Sigourney Weaver to sign her likeness away, this means we will at least get a Harry Dean Stanton figure. And since NECA often likes to sign people for more than one likeness at a time – Chloe Moretz for Carrie and Kick-Ass 2, Bruce Willis for Sin City and Die Hard – would it be too much to also get a Red Dawn dad with sound chip? (It almost certainly would.)


Here’s a little Star Trek for the Dia de los Muertos fanatic in all of us (2″ collectible figurines).


In a move you would expect, here’s a Diablo III figure.


And now for my favorite – 18-inchers! First up, Big Red Predator and Dutch Schaefer.



Also battle-damaged Iron Man.


As for continuing lines, they’re still trying to make every Gremlin that ever had screen time…


more Pacific Rim

and Tonto with a birdcage on his head. (It kinda makes sense in the movie…but not really.)