Syfy Puts a Spotlight on Heroes of Cosplay


Technically most of them are heroines, but Syfy picked the right names, among them Yaya Han, Holly Conrad and Chloe Dykstra. It’ll pair up appropriately with Face Off starting August 13th, although unlike that show, Heroes of Cosplay won’t be a competition series in and of itself – it’ll just focus on various convention contests. Already this appears to be causing controversy among cosplayers who don’t see the hobby as a contest, but c’mon, folks – TV has to create drama somehow, and it’s either that or make them live together and get drunk and hostile.

Wasn’t Holly supposed to be working on an official Mass Effect movie by now? I’m sure she’s not sick of being asked that.

UPDATE: I guess she isn’t, because she responded!

Check out the two-minute sneak-peek after the jump.

via Geeks of Doom