Topless Toy Chest: Star Trek Select by Diamond



I was excited about Diamond’s new take on Star Trek figures from the moment they were first revealed. As a long-time McFarlane collector, I have become quite accustomed to the diorama-style semi-posable figure, and as a long-time observer of Star Trek toys, I’ve noticed that they’re tough to do well – so much of the appeal of Trek lies in the actors and characters rather than any particular visual pop from their outfits. Capturing them in key moments, while still allowing enough articulation for some customizing of the scene, strikes me as a move that should have been made long ago.

Kirk and Spock arrived this week. Let’s take a look at what these bad boys can do.


Spock, from the “Devil in the Dark” episode, comes with alternate head, lower legs and hands, two tricorders (one open and one closed, which seems more complex than just one that opens, but whatever), base with Horta, and the piece of Horta skin that falls off to reveal phaser damage, allowing you to display it either battle-damaged or not. The phaser is in Spock’s hand pretty tight – I suspect it could come out with a lot of effort, but I see no need to do that.


Kirk comes with alternate hands and legs, a three-part base (two plastic, one cardboard) and Khan, who is definitely an “accessory” rather than a figure – though you can see the seams on his shoulder, he has zero points of articulation, and pegs to the base via a hole in his back.

Which isn’t to say you can’t get creative…


Kirk also comes posed in an unfortunately suggestive position.


As with Spock, the accessory is in his hands very tightly and will take some effort to remove. Effort I’d rather not bother with, since you can just switch out his hands anyway. Both are articulated with semi ball-joints at the neck and shoulders, mid-bicep cuts, elbows, wrists, waist and cut-ankles. Toys R Us sells more bare-bones versions, with no interchangeable parts and a generic rock base – I wouldn’t waste my time on those with these around.

Each figure is basically designed for an A and a B pose (there are appropriate foot pegs for both). For Spock, that means either shooting the Horta or feeling its pain.



For Kirk, it means striking Khan with either a tool or the dropkick of doom. Or both.



Of course, you don’t actually have to have Kirk in an upright flying position. The plughole for his aerial action is a perfect square, which allows for poses like this…


And the interchangeable parts are interchangeable between figures, too. In case you want to reenact STID vintage-style…


Or have Kirk serenade the savage beast with his version of “Rocket Man.”


Scale-wise, they match up to previous Diamond/Art Asylum Star Trek figures, like this Comic-Con exclusive Kirk of yesteryear.


All told, these figures are exactly as I’d hoped. If you agree, stay tuned – I’ll be giving away a pair very soon!


Retail price is a reasonable $24.99.