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Your Life-Size TIE Fighter, Herr Vader



Using a plastic model kit for reference and blowing the parts up to life-sized scale, a German fan group called Project X-1 has built Darth’s combat fighter. Considering the difficulty I have in finding space for all my toy-sized versions, the fact that they have anywhere to put the thing is almost as impressive to me as the fact that they built it.

There’s a video about how they did it, but it’s all in German and slightly kills the illusion when Vader walks in and takes off his helmet to reveal a dorky looking guy in glasses. Probably goes without saying that he could still take Hayden Christensen out. Watch after the jump.

via Obvious Winner, which calls it half-scale but I don’t quite think so. It may be on the small side, but no way should it be twice that size.

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