24 Square Feet of Nintendo (and More) Characters in Lego for $4800

Mytemporaryshop on Etsy

What’s nerdier than a giant mosaic made of Lego, depicting all these classic game characters?

Try the fact that the 1 x 1 lime green Lego piece is apparently unique to one Lego set that has been discontinued – and the artist tracked down a whole mess of them rather than settle for a less-than-perfect shade (or dying white pieces lime green). In all, the tab came out to around $2190 – and it’s going for $4,800 on Etsy, with the proceeds going to fund a UK class’ school trip to Africa.


Logically, assuming this sells and subtracting the cost of materials, the class won’t come out that much further ahead than if the artist had simply given them $2190 upfront. Logic, however, fails in the face of lime-green Lego in the service of gaming art. Just as everything else does. You could be all Vulcan and say, “Sir, the construction of this item is not logical,” and I’d be all, “Lime green Lego mosaic. Your argument is invalid.”

Try it sometime.

(Apologies if this was anywhere in the weekend thread. I didn’t see it in there, but, you know…)

Source: Technabob via RTM