EXCLUSIVE: I Declare War Magazine Ad Premiere

I Declare War, an upcoming movie from Drafthouse Films, was the audience winner at last year’s Fantastic Fest and opens theatrically this Friday (it’s on VOD right now). It’s a war movie unlike any other – treated seriously, but enacted by kids with red-ink weapons; the best comparison is to Alan Parker’s Bugsy Malone, where prohibition-era gangsters – all played by kids – were “killed” in the story with cream pies and “splurge guns,” but not actually dead onscreen.

In advance of its release, we have an exclusive magazine ad by artist James White from Drafthouse that imagines a potential toy tie-in for the movie. Sadly, it’s not something you can buy yet, or maybe ever, but it just might spur somebody’s imagination.

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Click the image below for an even larger version: