It’s Not Okay to Give Away Genetically Modified Things on Kickstarter


Oh, were you thinking of giving away manually mutated organisms to your donors? Well, you can’t. Not any more, anyway. You could have before July 31st, but apparently someone at Trask Industries got to the higher-ups at Kickstarter. Because a project designed to create and give away glowing trees has ruined it for the rest of us and triggered an anti-mutant bill that will serve as a sentinel of crowdfunding oversight.

It’s possible they were just afraid that glowing = nuclear (hey, The Simpsons has raised a generation to think that way). But there goes any chance at a real-life Flaming Carrot.

And I’ll have to use my own money now to try and breed green kittens that turn into Battle Cats when you point a sword at them. Stupid glow trees…