Jackass Gives Birth to Bad Grandpa Movie


To the extent that any merchandisable “characters” aside from the jackasses themselves emerged from MTV’s masochistic stunt show, Bad Grandpa can loosely be considered one. And in a twist that Sacha Baron Cohen can probably take notes from, Johnny Knoxville and company basically waited until everybody forgot that this was he thing he did to make a reality-style feature film with the character out in public.

(In case you care, the character now goes by the “real” name of Irving Zisman.)

Does this clear the way for a Wee Man skateboarding Oompa Loompa movie? Or Night Monkey?

I must admit that it’s nice to see a comedy about an awful senior citizen that isn’t all farts and senility jokes, but mines humor from him actually being a bad person. I just hope he doesn’t learn valuable lessons or anything. Incidentally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this were pitched as “an R-rated Madea for church-hating white people.”

The trailer has actually been out a while, but nobody paid much attention until the poster debuted yesterday, becoming only about the fourth or fifth most unpleasant thing to come from MTV in the last 48 hours.

Watch after the jump. Anyone with a passing awareness of Toddlers and Tiaras will appreciate the way the preview ends.

via AICN