Patrick Stewart Demonstrates the Art of the Quadruple Take


To his singer-songwriter wife half his age, Patrick Stewart demonstrates the art of the repeat reaction, times four.

Gawker, from where I found this item, already got in the best line: “There! Are! Four! Takes!” What can I add to that?

I suppose I could note that only the broadest of comedies would engage this folly. That a subtle director would not make it so. That it takes a certain X-factor to pull off the quadruple take. That only Quentin Tarantino would profess his love for those feet in the video, sight unseen.

Or that to baldly go into acting without such instruction would be a flawed enterprise. That the Number One rule in such cases is to trust your instincts, before hearing what the Data says. And finally, to LaForge a new path (yeah, that one was the hardest to make sense).

Hey just watch the video from the Star Trek X-Men guy after the jump. Let me know my bad jokes were not for (Astro-) naught.