Super Mario Parkour


I’m a little late to the party on sharing this one, frankly because it sounded boring the first time somebody told me about it. Then Gallen sent it in again, and I figured I’d finally take a look – I’m glad I did.

See, I get a LOT of parkour videos sent my way, and generally it’s just parkour-ers doing their thing in a basic costume and calling it, say, “Star Wars Parkour”” just because they’re in brown robes and one pulls out a lightsaber at the very end.

But this took work. It’s not just Mario and Luigi costumes, but a digitally augmented world that places features of the Mushroom Kingdom in ours, looks fully interactive, and has a killer rock-guitar version of the classic theme tunes.

Only one complaint: actor playing Mario – you couldn’t put some adhesive in your hat to keep it from falling off during every single major move? Or is that just a running (pun not intended) gag I didn’t get?

Watch after the jump.