The Purge Gets a Prequel (Sort of), Featuring You


While I enjoyed The Purge, I was surprised by just how many others did as well – my giveaway of a Purge T-shirt and cardboard mask was by far the most successful giveaway in terms of traffic since I’ve been in charge of the show here.

A sequel was probably inevitable, but I think we were expecting a new movie…rather than an interactive horror attraction that expands on the first film’s mythology. In The Purge: Fear the Night, you will take on the role of a delegate to the New Founding Fathers’ Convention, held on Purge Night. Find out what deranged governmental minds came up with the Purge, and what dissenters may try to do to you on a night when all crime is legal. Unlike in most horror mazes and attractions, this is something of an open world – instead of being on one path, you are free to go anywhere inside the six-level building, but your interactions will have consequences.

Tickets are already on sale for the six-week run in L.A. I’ll be interested to see how the “interaction” works without anybody getting hurt.

After the jump, producer Jason Blum explains further.