Zombie Merle Dixon Highlights McFarlane’s Walking Dead Series 5


And here I thought they’d make him a Comic-Con exclusive with a simple repaint – instead, an all-out resculpt.

I love the alternate “beaten to shit” head on Glenn, as it shows that Todd McFarlane’s zest for toys that have been tortured is not yet satiated. How is it he didn’t try to grab the toy rights for Zero Dark Thirty, again? Early ’90s Todd totally would have gone for a waterboarding playset and dead Osama figure.

Anyway, Tyreese and Maggie are also included, and appear to be in surprisingly/refreshingly neutral stances for posing options. The Charred Walker is more classically forced-pose, but easily the coolest sculpt, as you’d expect.

We still need a Hershel figure. Who else is left that’s essential?

You can preorder this set at Entertainment Earth for $69.99.