Batman and Captain America Rescue Cat/Win the Internet’s Heart

In the greatest crossover since The Punisher Meets Archie, Batman teamed up with Captain America to save a cat from a fire this past Saturday. Only this didn’t happen in the pages of a carefully crafted media event, but rather in real life. In Milton, West Virginia to be exact. Here’s the skinny from Comic Book Resources:

Unlike other would-be superheroes like Phoenix Jones, the pair — aka John Buckland and Troy Marcum, respectively — weren’t out on patrol; the trouble came to them. Buckland, a former firefighter who served with the Department of Defense in Iraq, runs a service called Heroes 4 Higher that sends costumed superheroes to parties and other events to “bring an age-appropriate, positive message of inspiration, safety and daring to dream.”

Buckland and Marcum were doing just that at an American Legion post when a fire broke out in a house nearby. Seeing the smoke, they dashed to the house to check whether there was anyone inside. Marcum broke the window, and as the smoke poured out, Buckland said, “I reach down and grab something furry.” That was the cat; the homeowners turned out to be out of town, but their cat was overcome by smoke and had to be resuscitated by Buckland.

As disappointing as it may be to some of the more jaded amongst you, I don’t have anything even remotely snarky to say about this story. It has utterly warmed my glacier-like heart. You know how the Grinch feels at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas? That’s totally me right now. Real-life superheroes saving kitties from fires?Throw an English bulldog wearing a bowler hat into the mix and you’ve got the cutest story ever to appear on the Internet. So the next time you are at a convention and someone dressed as The Monarch accidentally hits you in the face with their wings, instead of getting angry, think of Troy Marcum and John Buckland and smile. Because that cosplayer might just rescue your pet some day.

Okay, probably not. But still. Aww.