Bayonetta Anime Looks Like Sarah Palin Meets Witchblade in Japanese


Cool your jets, political partisans. I know the “SP” name gets people on both sides all riled up, but this is about the image rather than the policies, and if I were an Alaskan wolf, I’d be terrified by what I saw in the Japanese trailer for this new anime film derived from a game.

Then again, if I were an Alaskan wolf, odds are I’d never seen a video on YouTube, so I’d be none the wiser.

Not speaking much Japanese beyond everything on a sushi menu, I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on in the trailer…beyond breasts, glasses, symbiote, ass-kicking and demons. Darn right.

According to Kotaku, it opens in ten Japanese theaters on November 23rd. Sadly I do not have the foreign policy experience to see Japan from parts of my state. But I have embedded the Japanese-language trailer after the jump…