Blu-ray Today: Star Trek Into Darkness, Friday the 13th, Marvel Knights


Star Trek Into Darkness
The most divisive Trek film since, well, the last one, J.J. Abrams risked alienating fans everywhere by turning this flick’s third act into hasty remake of Star Trek II. Whether or not he actually did is still open for debate in the comments. There are clearly some problems to be had here: making the villain Khan for no good reason (although Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent), transwarp beaming, how death is cured by the blood of the genetically enhanced, etc. That said, I still enjoyed the hell out of this, thanks largely to the terrific cast. Prepare to roast me for saying so, but this is far and away the best new release this week.

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection
Chh…chh…chh..chh…chh..ahh..ahh…ahh…ahh…ahh…ahh. This megaset includes EVERY Friday the 13th film ever made, including the 2009 remake and Freddy vs. Jason. Also includes a bonus disc, a booklet, a tin collector’s case and, best of all, a Camp Crystal Lake embroidered counselor patch.

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th
Okay, so maybe the above release isn’t so complete after all, because this disc is also being released this week. Ever want to hear Corey Feldman muse about his experiences working on the franchise? It’s your lucky day!

Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk
The latest Marvel Knights motion comic, this one based on the book written by Damon Lindelof and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu. I’m a sucker for a good motion comic, so I plan on checking this out ASAP. But I haven’t read the comic, so let me know if I should even bother. DVD only.

Homeland: The Complete Second Season
Not a follow-up series to My So-Called Life, but still quite excellent. Anyone else think that Brian Krakow grew up and got a job working for the CIA?

Castle: The Complete Fifth Season.
To be honest, I have zero interest in this show, but I mention it here as a gesture of goodwill to all of the Nathan Fillion fans out there. Only available on DVD.

Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season
The Winchester brothers return for another 23 episodes of spooky and ooky adventures.

So yeah, it’s a light week in terms of new releases. What are you looking forward to? Anything offerings I should know about? Sound off in the comments.