Breaking Bad SPOILER Discussion Thread


We never really came to a consensus on whether this was nerdy or not-nerdy, but considering how much everybody’s been talking about it lately, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a place where people can feel free to talk spoilers without worrying about somebody less up-to-date becoming really upset.

Read comments below only if you don’t care about being spoiled. I haven’t watched any BB yet, mainly because the wife also wants to start watching it, which means I have to wait for her schedule to be open AND for her to decide she wants to watch it rather than something else. So at this stage, spoilers are kinda irrelevant to me, and knowing almost nothing about plot details of the show, I figure a program about a dude with terminal cancer pretty much has to end with him dying.

I also get the impression that no post about Breaking Bad is complete without the use of a certain possibly misogynist insult…BITCH! Did I do that right?