Henry Cavill Meets Elmo, Snaps His Neck, Lets Many Muppets Die (Except Those Last Two Parts)


Oh, Man of Steel. You really are trying to rehab your image, aren’t you?

No more bad-guy killing for our new Superman. In fact, he rather easily persuades the Big Bad Wolf to abandon villainy just by talking to him. It’s probably safe to say he won’t be breaking the spines of any black-costumed, caped foes from here on out, which is too bad, really…the next movie is one in which I would quite like to see that.

In the meantime, see him get cute with Elmo after the jump. then at the tale end of the video, wonder why an actress best known for Dredd, 300 and Game of Thrones is next on deck for a Sesame Street cameo…

h/t SlyDante