Lego’s Ninjago, Dante’s Inferno Movie Adaptations Get Appropriate Directors


Surprise! They both seem like intelligent, well-thought-out picks. Ninjago, which will be produced by The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller but isn’t a direct sequel or spin-off, is going to be helmed by Tron: Uprising‘s Charlie Bean. So having made a well-liked cartoon out of a movie franchise, he now gets to make a movie out of a reasonably well-liked cartoon. Right? I mean, I’ve seen Ninjago a time or too and it seems okay. I guess it might not be that well-liked, but I never hear people go, “Damn, that Ninjago raped my Lego-playing childhood,” so it’s already ahead of at least one other franchise.

Dante’s Inferno, based on the video game in which Dante is a knight with a cross shape flayed off his chest skin, will be directed by new Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez, who – regardless of what you think of his breakthrough outing – has clearly demonstrated an aptitude for fast-paced gore. As always, the bar for becoming “Best Video Game Movie Ever Made” is fairly low – you only have to be better than Silent Hill – so it’s a great opportunity, in a way.

Me, I’d rather see both these guys combine forces and make Lego Dante’s Inferno: The Movie. The pre-production has already been done, gratis.