South Park: The Stick of Truth Release Date, Exclusive Toy Revealed


Just in time for tonight’s season premiere of the show on Comedy Central, the long-in-limbo game finally reveals its release date: December 10th. And if you’re willing to shell out $80 on it, you can get a “Grand Wizard” edition that comes with an exclusive 6″ Cartman figure by Kidrobot, his “hand-drawn” map of the town, and free downloadable extras.

Does anybody else think jokes like “Grand Wizard” were funnier when Isaac Hayes was on to provide a counterbalance? Wink-wink references to racism feel more like a Family Guy thing nowadays, which I’m sure Trey and Matt would beat me senseless and sodomize my cartoon form for saying.

Anyway, the trailer after the jump doesn’t have much (if any) gameplay in it, but it does have anal probes. Not to mention the best justification for anal probes I’ve ever heard.

source: Kotaku via SlyDante