Special Linkin Park Edition of Transformers‘ Soundwave


And only somebody who knows their robots in disguise understands the cognitive dissonance this produces. Linkin Park, of course, provide the theme songs for Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, which are widely hated by hardcore fans for not being true to “Generation 1” – to which this particular alt-mode of this character belongs.

Hasbro’s press release says that “The LINKIN PARK SOUNDWAVE TRANSFORMERS action figure also marks the first celebrity designed TRANSFORMERS figure in the brand’s 30-year history.” I’m not sure if “designed” is quite the right word – it looks like they just dipped the existing one in a can of paint thinner, though probably not literally.

He’s 7 inches tall, comes with transforming cassettes…and costs $150.

I’d complain about that price, except:

I’VE! Become so NUMB! And in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

[“First celebrity designed” implies more are coming. What would be some suitable design pairings, do you think?]