Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Clothes-Optional Anime Figurine on a Toilet


I was going to post this yesterday, but after porn star butt plugs and model railway nudity, it really seemed like overkill. You might say I was too pooped to discover the push I needed to make a movement and get this online. But being down in the dumps should never have made me down ON dumps.

Call me a shitty editor, piss on my skills if you must, but I cannot do better than the actual product description for this $150 “toy,” dubbed “Daydream Collection Neighbor’s Private Time”:

A sexy neighbor during her most intimate moment comes to the Daydream Collection! This Daydream Collection Neighbor’s Private Time Statue is the dream come true for many – a voluptuous and beautiful woman in the domicile right next door taking care of her personal needs! This gorgeous neighbor wears only her night, panties, and slippers – all fully removable! This Neighbor’s Private Time Statue offers anime fans a wild fantisy, and she even comes with base for her to sit on that’s shaped like a toilet.

I’m just flush with excitement. Can I at least number two people in that category with me?