The Walking Dead: The Online College Course


So you thought Robert Kirkman had come up with every possible Walking Dead branded item that could be made, right?

Never. Never will he run out of things to brand as Walking Dead. Especially when you can persuade people to take a free, eight-week online course about the show, in partnership with Instructure and UC Irvine.

The eight-week course, titled “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,'” will include content, video clips and examples from the show, as well as possible participation from the actors.

So it’s exactly like watching Talking Dead every week, then?

Oh wait, there’s more…

The companies said the interdisciplinary course will use the show as a lens to examine topics like Maslow’s hierarchy, public health and pandemics and the science of hope.

Why not target practice and marksmanship?

“We decided to see what a pop culture connection does to engagement.”

Congratulations on the douchiest marketspeak you could have busted out here. Anybody here feel like taking this free class? Or, more likely, taking it until Norman Reedus does a guest Q&A and then quitting?