Beer Made From Lunar Meteorites


Typical humans.

We see rocks from space, and our first impulse is, “Let’s make beer out of it!”

Okay, maybe not our very first impulse, but we got around to it. Or rather, the brewmeisters at Dogfish Head did. And while they may be experts at beer, their punning could use a little help: “Celest-Jewel Ale” is a bit of a clunker. Will there be a lower-calorie version called Satel-Lite?

Made from crushed moon dust obtained from a company that makes space suits for NASA, the beverage comes in a koozie made from the same material as said suits. But you don’t get to keep it – your driver’s license gets held hostage till you’re done. It’s enough to make you forget that, gimmick aside, you’re basically drinking dirt.

via Geekosystem