Fixing Blind Eyes With Tooth Fragments


Alright stop. Is it your sight you’re missin’? Eyes are back thanks to a brand new invention. Some tooth, drilled and holed and set tightly, stuck in your eye – you’ll feel gaily and sightly. Will it ever stop? Yo, they don’t know. Odds are two-thirds for how long it’ll go. Pretty extreme, but rocks to have back your vision, lights up your eyes so you can watch television NOW! Not just the speakers you’ll need, now flooding your brain with a visual feed. Lively, when you talk of this remedy, especially when your blindness was an undisclosed malady.

Love it, don’t leave it, though new eyes look weird, this thing really works and is not to be feared.

Did you have a problem? Tooth transplanting solved it. Check out the story ’bout the doc who resolved it.

Eyes, eyes, baby. Ding ding ding digga ding ding.

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h/t Gallen_Dugall…and Vanilla Ice.