NYCC Mattel Reveals: Classic Movie Batman/Superman, MOTU, Ghostbusters


I wish I could go back to 1989 and give this to myself, when I’d have killed for a G.I. Joe-scale Batman. Nowadays, older me is annoyed that Mattel has ditched the 6″ Movie Masters scale in favor of a 3-3/4 one, even if it does give us these cool movie figures we never got before, including Christopher Reeve Superman, Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman (yeah, I know Kenner kinda-sorta did her, but not like this) and Danny DeVito Penguin.




In Masters of the Universe news, Extendar and Flogg were revealed, and they look like two of the best figures in the line to date. Flogg will come with the previously revealed Filmation-style power sword. Fans also voted for Mara to be the next New Adventures character to be made.



Mini-Masters 2-packs are coming too, with Battle Armor He-Man vs. Mer Man, and Battle Armor Skeletor vs. a fully flocked Moss Man. Buy both sets to build a Grayskull facade.


Mattel also confirmed that most of the regular-sized figures scheduled for the now-canceled Club Infinite Earths will be coming to retail made available (Batzarro’s going into the 2013 sub). These include Batzarro, hook-hand Aquaman, T-shirt Superboy, Ice and Damian Wayne.

Finally, Mattel will be re-releasing the basic four Ghostbusters in 30th anniversary 2-packs. They have newly sculpted torsos.


(Ghostbusters picture by Mattel; all others by Chris Cummins)