Pete Holmes, Patron Saint of Superheroes Flipping You Off


Somebody’s trying to be the most nerd-friendly comedian ever, and making a damn good pitch. Pete Holmes has previously displayed a knack for deconstructing the Christopher Nolan Batman, and now he has set his sights on Professor X, as a running gag in his new The Pete Holmes Show.

In the latest installment, he dresses down our favorite Cajun card-player Gambit for having ridiculously, uselessly specific powers…having already taken down Wolverine, it wasn’t too hard.

Finding a creative way to work that middle finger in organically – that’s impressive. And that’s the part I want to see if he can keep up. I’d send it right back to him for having the gall to cash in on the playground disputes we all had…except that dammit, he figured out how to make money on it first, so much respect.

Check out both after the jump.