Star Wars: A New Nintend-Hope


Use the forced mash-up, James!

Cartoon-maker James Farr, that is, who has a fondness for Nintendo-themed combinations. Despite the obviousness of the pitch, I’ll give him credit – he runs with the joke and stuffs it full of references…obviously enough so that I found it worth posting. Walrus Man looking like an actual Walrus is a big plus.

Han Solo as Mario gives new meaning to the term “jump to lightspeed.” If James gets to part 2, Hanio’s inability to make said jump will clearly be even more of a metaphor for impotence than it was in Empire. Hey, Han had to be frozen “stiff” before it worked, right?

(Side note: it’s great to have a writing gig where, when a dick joke occurs to you, you can actually just go ahead and say it.)

Video after the jump.

via Kotaku