The Carmen Electra Masturbation Skit so Terrible I Must Share it

I think I have found my version of Rob’s melty face Toht. And I believe it’s appropriate here.


I’m going to leave it up to you to see if you wish to press onward and see a Funny or Die skit in which Carmen Electra is confronted by “Cum Ghosts.” And I’m not talking about dead Sherlockian thespians here.

I will also add that I never got the whole Carmen Electra thing – back when I used to subscribe to Playboy, she was honestly the one sex object in America who I started wishing would put her clothes on. Every other issue, the same thing.

I will say that her sense of humor has improved if she’s gone from Friedberg/Seltzer movies to this. And perhaps it’s a commentary on how self-masturbatory Funny or Die skits have become.

It is also, however, a movie about zombies with jizz on their faces.

via Uproxx h/t SlyDante777