The Empire Strikes Back: They Don’t Make Trailers Like This Any More



It’s fair to say that when the original Star Wars came out, George Lucas didn’t have a lot of control over that first trailer – the one that begins “Somewhere, this could all be happening right now!” (Um, nope – it happened “A long time ago”)

But how to explain the way they teased Empire back in the day? Essentially, it’s the entire movie in a minute and a half…as shown in Ralph McQuarrie drawings that go by so fast you’d have to know what you’re looking at to be truly spoiled. And before you laugh at Princess “Lee-a,” remember that is how Tarkin pronounced it in the first movie, and “Lay-uh” hadn’t been formalized as canonical yet.

But “Landau” Calrissian? Yes, you may laugh at that, as you imagine a Landau Ballet. I know that much is true.

Take a gander after the jump.

via ComicBookMovie

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