The Veronica Mars Movie Looks Bigger-Budget Than the Crowdfunding Would Suggest


If you didn’t make the Comic Con panels, here’s a first good look at the upcoming movie and a sense of its plot, which has Veronica returning home to try to prove the innocence of her ex-love Logan, potentially falling for him all over again.

You know…sometimes these movies of shows I never watched work for me. I liked Serenity okay, and even the first Sex & the City movie was interesting in a “so this is what women like” way (I’d like very much to unsee the sequel, however). And I’m sure Veronica Mars the show was never remotely as bad as Twilight – but they sure seem to be selling the whole “Team Boring Guy” versus “Team Bad Boy” angle, and hard, in this featurette.

I’m sure this means something to all the fans. I see no reason to go myself, beyond the obvious: writing about something with a rabid fan base getting traffic and all that.

The featurette’s after the jump. What am I missing?

Veronica Mars Movie: Love Triangle from Veronica Mars on Vimeo.

via Empire