Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones All Getting Live-Action Shows


Well, this is ambitious.

Marvel just announced four separate 13-episode shows, centered on Hells Kitchen, NY, unfolding over multiple years, and culminating in a crossover miniseries, The Defenders. I don’t remember the Defenders ever having this lineup, but who’s complaining – did you ever think we’d get live-action Jessica Jones as the star of anything? (Well, our own Eric Diaz did. He was right.)

All of these will be exclusive to Netflix, as part of its overall deal to be the exclusive subscription TV service for Disney and everything owned by them.

I think we have to say that obligatory thing now…

“Marvel’s doing a Jessica Jones show, and DC still won’t do Wonder Woman?”

Sweet Christmas, indeed.

(via press release and several readers)