Divergent and Maleficent Trailers Feel Familiar, for Better and (Mostly) Worse


Maleficent SHOULD feel familiar, of course – it’s what Disney is counting on. What’s most surprising is how much they’re leaning thus far on recreating scenes from Sleeping Beauty that we’ve seen before, when I thought the whole idea was to show Maleficent’s tale from when she was younger, and how she turned bad. Elle Fanning’s Aurora sounds pretty much like Elle Fanning. It looks cool, but so did Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland from trailers alone.

As for Divergent – its familiarity isn’t based on my having read any book, but the fact that the whole premise is basically the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, with the tattoos and chaste romance of The Mortal Instruments, which itself was already based on Harry Potter fanfic. I like that Shailene Woodley isn’t your typical Hollywood glamor girl, but that’s about it so far on that one.

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