GIVEAWAY: Man of Steel on Blu-ray


All right, fans – Man of Steel was a divisive movie this summer, but I’m betting there are many of you out there who’d like to see it again. I know I would – with so much large-scale stuff going on in it, I look forward to the chance to take it in on a slightly smaller screen.

Here’s your chance – it’d make a great holiday gift for any Super-fans who haven’t caught it yet, too. Warner Bros. has given me a Blu-ray combo pack to give away, as well as choosing a contest idea that I think we can have a lot of fun with.

To enter: first, have a registered commenter account with an email address attached to it, so I can contact you with ease if you win. Second: in comments below, come up with a caption for the image shown above. Please no profanities for this one – try to be creative, even if your mind does head into the gutter. Enter as often as you like.

This contest closes Nov. 12th, which is the official day of release, at noon. Because unlike holograms of your dead dad, we can’t stick around forever.