Human Cyborg…or Masochistic Douche?



Tim Cannon calls himself a biohacker, and talks a good game about transcending the body’s limits and living for thousands of years, all while raging against the machine of the medical industry.

And he fights the power by surgically embedding a giant Bluetooth thermometer in his arm. It can monitor his body and send him a text if it detects that he might be getting a temperature. Because we have no other ways of checking for fevers in this day and age, apparently. He gets this thing embedded unanesthetized, because no licensed anesthesiologist is going to sign off on something like this. No doubt part of their censorious plan to keep geniuses like Tim from living forever.

Given that the device lights up under his skin, I’m wondering how he intends to change or charge the batteries. And I’m thinking that like so many party people with tramp stamps, he really just wants a little attention.

Anyway, video after the jump. You decide.

via Vice