If Troma Had Made a Movie of the NES Paperboy in the ’80s, This Would Be It


Speaking as we were of Robert Rodriguez – it seems extremely hard for filmmakers today to emulate grindhouse movies properly. Not that almost every single one out there hasn’t tried. All too often, things get way too tonally inconsistent, or involve conspicuous green-screening that no vintage low-budget film would have had.

The folks at Silvermania, however, have captured that ’80s Troma shot-on-VHS vibe completely – and even nailed the bad acting without overplaying its badness. I watched a lot of Troma back then, and this nails it – though it is also a better movie in three minutes than 90% of the ones I used to see. Legalities almost certainly prevent it, but if these guys were to Kickstarter Paperboy 3: The Hard Way as a feature, I would support it.

See what you think…