Monster of the Sky – the Steampunk/Mo-Cap/Puppet Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed


Of course it’s a Kickstarter (Nobody greenlights puppet movies). But it’s a second-phase Kickstarter, as the movie has been shot, but the filmmakers want your help to do something that’s never really been done at this level – motion-capture facial animation on the puppets.

Inspired, apparently, by a Lord Byron poem, the movie’s plot goes something like this:

In a futuristic world of cogs and gearwork, young Sky falls in love and is swept off to the clouds by a winged prince, only to die on her wedding day. But the story doesn’t end here – resurrected by mechanical ghosts, she becomes a goddess of vengeance who sets out to find her prince again.

You had me at “mechanical ghosts.” How does that work, exactly? Robots die and return in vaporous form? Because I assume it’s not referring to glitching image trails on a bad computer monitor.

Let’s watch and maybe find out…(just kidding, I watched it already. Because you don’t think I’d put a video on the site without vetting it first, do you? Most of the time? I’m just playing dumb. Unless I’m really dumb. You’ll never know for sure…)