South Park‘s Unique Game of Thrones Theme Rendition


In comparing the Xbox One/PS4 console wars to Game of Thrones, South Park has been running a pretty epic multi-part arc, which this week also included references to Sailor Moon and My Little Pony. Yes, it comes off sometimes as a blatant plug for The Stick of Truth, but if the game’s as good as this week’s episode was, I’ll be happy.

We haven’t done South Park talkbacks before, but this one was the nerdiest one in quite some time. The entire episode, entitled “A Song of Ass and Fire,” is now posted online, but even if you have no interest in the whole thing, the show’s unique take on the Game of Thrones theme, featuring an appearance from their version of George R. R. Martin, is worth watching.

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Consider this your spoiler discussion thread for the episode in question.