Super Sexy Topless Weekend Hangover Aggregation Fun Time! – 11-4-13



(image by earthmanprime)

Baldly copying many of the best submissions from the Weekend Open Thread.

-Scandinavians sing to seeds (Gallen_Dugall)

Also: cure for baldness will make you a real dickhead.

-“Win” a role in Sharknado 2 (Anyone00)

-Oh my zombie, oh my zombie, oh my zombie, Clementine (SlyDante777)

-My Little All-Male Burlesque Ponies, animated (BumblebeeZ3)

-What does the Lucius Fox Say? (SlyDante777)

Also: world’s largest mustache!

-The Dark Backward (Dr.Gonzo82)

-Creepy mannequin dance (andre_morello)

-When the Watch Dogs delay, fan films will play (Dr.Gonzo82)

-The gold dragon beemer (10glfan59)

-OneMinuteGalactica edits a very “special” edition of the Star Wars trailer

-8-Bit Regular Show (troi)

-Trick, treat, or get shot in the stomach (James.k.Polk)

-The Fresh Hoff of Bel Air (Canadian.Scott)

-I had a cardboard mask once. It was awful (rkwsuperstar)

Also: Batman wrist bracers and a crochet Bane mask.

-Kickstarter for a homeless clown video game (SlyDante777)

-Rumors of Batfleck (earthmanprime)

-The Womanicorn Cometh (rkwsuperstar)

-The vomiting-pig video game you’ve always wanted (SlyDante777)

-earthmanprime shares a comic he wrote, while Dr.Gonzo82 teaches us Photoshop.

-Fighting zombies in a shark suit, and other things (SlyDante777)

-Turn any room into a Mystery Science Theater (rkwsuperstar)

-Downey freshness (Timely-Tardis-Lego)

Detective Pikachu is not a fanfic (SlyDante777)

Them’s the highlights – now everybody, all at once, feel free to cry favoritism in 3…2…

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