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Yes, of COURSE the French Puppet Spoof of Mythbusters Involves Cheese



When a spoof that’s French!

Needs a skit that’s good!

Who you gonna do?


Les Guignols de l’info (News Puppets) is a liberal-leaning French puppet show based on current events, though, as this skit shows (I think – mon francais c’est not so good), they’re equally willing to take on Socialist president Francois Hollande, wondering in this skit if he’ll melt faster than a giant block of Camembert cheese.

Though the appeal here will be in seeing the Mythbusters guys as fluently French caricatures, it’s interesting to note that jokes about French cheese and spinelessness appear in even left-leaning spoofs of themselves. Embedding is disabled on this video because not everyone in France is soft, so hit the link to watch.

h/t Anyone00

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