Anchorman‘s David Koechner Gets Threatening in Cheap Thrills Trailer


Evoking fond memories of the excellent Would You Rather, Cheap Thrills looks to once again merge the “I want to play a game” theme of Saw with the “rich people are douchey parasites” premise of Wolf of Wall Street. Adding fuel to the fire is the casting of David Koechner and Sara Paxton as a couple – the sort of coupling we imagine could only happen if Koechner’s character were a super-rich a-hole (which isn’t true, but like bulls and red flags, it’s a trope).

In another reversal, the couple are not the victims but the victimizers, playing dangerous games with their money and a couple of unstable drinkers they meet in a bar.

I’m told by reliable sources that this is the sort of thing I will like. So far, so good.

Cheap Thrills [Red Band Trailer] In Theaters March 21 from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.