Geek Apparel of the Week: The My Little Pony/Bob’s Burgers Mashup Tee You Need

Based on your comments in the various weekend open threads, I’m guessing this T-shirt design is a dream come true:


But if you want it, you’d better hurry – as of this posting, it’s only available for around 7 more hours. It, and one other tee I think you’ll like…


Behold “Tools of Destruction,” a Karate Kid tribute so subtle that Shirtpunch’s own promo email refers to it as a Power Rangers-inspired design. Pfft. Ask the Power Rangers to paint a fence, they’ll just summon a Megazord and dump a big vat of paint on it from above.

And of course if Daniel LaRusso’s crane had been an actual Zord, there would have been no movie. Different strokes for different folks. Up-down, side-side, blow the shit up, whatever.