Dedication: Total Film Spends Months Asking Celebs to Pick Batman or Superman


A whole bunch of celebrities offer their opinion on the Batman/Superman divide…but that isn’t what makes this an impressive act of nerdery. Nor is the fact that the interviewer managed to stay cool while sitting opposite NatKat, above.

No, here’s the thing – interviews like this, you get a few minutes in the room with the talent, and it is strongly advised you stay on the topic of the movie at hand, though the savvy journo will generally use the very last question to ask about an upcoming project. So…going by the posters in the background, Total Film spent many months and multiple junkets to blow that final question on, “Who do you like better, Batman or Superman?”, all in the service of making a video less than seven minutes long.

Also, considering White House Down is in the mix, they started doing this before the Batman vs. Superman movie was even announced…or #Batfleck.

The least you can do is give ’em a few minutes to watch it. Actually, that’s not true – that’s the almost-least, or metaphorical least. The actual least you can do is nothing it all…but to do that, you have to be dead. And I need you alive and reading.

h/t Joe Lex