First Details of New Godzilla Movie Toys From Bandai


There aren’t any pictures yet, but some descriptions and price points are showing up at online retailers, along with an estimated arrival date of January. Most notable is that MUTO, which appeared in the viral marketing to be an organization, is actually the name for something else…

NECA will also be doing toys, but no details have been released on those yet.

Possible minor spoilers ahead…

Two MUTOs – which are monsters, it now appears – are specified: a winged version and an eight-legged version. Of course, movie toys don’t always end up being in the movie (remember the multiple dragon figures for Dragonheart? Why would you?), but I’d assume the eight-legged one is the crab creature I saw in the Comic-Con footage this year.

Godzilla Deluxe Destruction Pack $19.99

Godzilla Fighting Figure – Tail Strike Godzilla $14.99

Godzilla Fighting Figure – Bite & Thrash Godzilla $14.99

Godzilla Deluxe Attack & Roar Figure $34.99

Godzilla Chibi Two Pack – Godzilla + MUTO (Winged) $6.99

Godzilla Chibi Two Pack – Damaged Godzilla + MUTO (8 Legged) $6.99

Godzilla Destruction Pack – Godzilla + Destructible Building + Fighter Aircraft $8.99

Godzilla Destruction Pack – Muto (Winged) + Destructible Building + Helicopter $8.99

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