First Star Wars: Rebels Figure Revealed: The Inquisitor!


Vader’s new Jedi exterminator heads up the new line, which, judging by what we see, will have basic five-point articulation and be in animated style. If the show does well – and how can it not, really? – I imagine we may see more detailed collector interpretations of some of these characters down the line (my Sideshow Asajj Ventriss tells me so). Meanwhile, the main toys seem like they’ll be completely kid-focused.

And it looks like they gave him a repaint of that toy spinning lightsaber packaged for General Grievous – I’m guessing they had a backlog and decided that a quick recoloring would work. I’m kind of betting we never see a new canonical Star Wars baddie with just one lightsaber again, honestly.

Nicely ironed pants, dude. Now how do you fight in those knee-high boots?