I READ YOUR FANFIC! Sonic the Hedgehog in “The Grand Finale” (Part 2)


WARNING: You may hate yourself after watching this.

As always, if you have a piece of Fan Fiction you’d like to have read aloud, send it to toplessrobot-at-gmail with subject line “Read My Fanfic.”

The Fanfic: “The Grand Finale” by King Splooge.

The Participants: Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Amy and Dr. Robotnik.

Described Herein (Part 2 Only): Penis-inside-penis action, penile barbs, nut-crushing, skull-fucking…

…stroke-victim assault, jaw-break, coprophilia, shit-eating, ass-pissing, corpse urinating, rape, intestinal condom-ing, kidney-punching, anal rape, human centipeding, murder, “crush-fucking,” sodomy, tracheotomy sex, eyeball-scooping, lobotomy, furries, evisceration…and more.

The Reading (Note: edits have been made for time, but NOT for content):