I READ YOUR FANFIC! The RankinBass Christmas Slash

Jon Pertwee, meet Colin Baker

This one isn’t particularly gross like most others are…it’s just really, really bad. Merry Christmas!

As always, if you have a piece of Fan Fiction you’d like to have read aloud, send it to toplessrobot-at-gmail with subject line “Read My Fanfic.”

The Fanfic: “The RankinBass Christmas Slash” by CreamCheeseAlchemist.

The Participants: Snow Miser, Heat Miser, Hermey, Yukon Cornelius.

Described Herein: Homophobic slurs, implied gay sex, unlicensed dentistry, insults about testicles and crotches, incest that isn’t really incest, lots of gratuitous singing.

The Reading: