It’s a Star Trek Rite of Passage: Cumberbatch “Shatners” R. Kelly Song


Ever since William Shatner scream-paused his way through a dramatic cover of “Mr. Tambourine Man,” it has been a Star Trek tradition to badly attempt what amounts to very expensive karaoke – or, if you’re Leonard Nimoy, even compose your own ill-advised fan-tribute to nerdy fiction that you then try to melodically croak through.

Of course, no matter how “bad” the result is, it still ends up being amazing. So let us all welcome into the fold the latest Trek-based actor to give it a go – and one with a Bilbo Baggins connection, to boot. Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch speak-singing the latest R. Kelly tune, because we needed that. Whether we knew it or not.

Ladies, fear not: while he does a believable job of reciting the song “Genius,” I don’t know that he could ever honestly make you believe he’s “Trapped in the Closet.”

h/t SlyDante777