Someone Pointed a Camera at Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld Again


Probably needless to say, they obliged – this is a new clip from the documentary about the founding of Image comics, with Liefeld providing impersonations of McFarlane and others, as they both discuss their memories of how things went down. (I wish he’d slow down and focus on one impersonation at a time – the guy also does a mean Alan Moore, though you don’t see that one here.)

It’s too bad they didn’t let these guys handle the drawings used to illustrate the anecdotes – the way McFarlane describes himself here, I half-imagine him gritting his teeth like Badrock as he envisions massive shoulder pads and a room-filling cape flowing behind him.

You can download the movie now, while DVDs will be available next month. I look forward to the inevitable fan edits.

via Latino Review